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History Of Reiki

Reiki originated in Japan during the 1920’s and was pioneered by Mikao Usui, a man of the Buddhist faith. Although Reiki derives from Buddhist roots, it is not a religious practice, but a spiritual one that anyone of any faith or background can practice with their pet. Reiki works under the belief that we’re all made up of a moving life force or energy. 

what is reiki? 2 HowlingOM
what is reiki? HowlingOM

What Is Reiki for Animals?

This Japanese healing technique involves placing your hands near or in contact with your animal to transmit life force energy to the affected area or the animal’s entire body. It involves the channeling of a natural healing energy from its divine source into a subject. Life energy that
is not from you, but channeled through you. It’s believed the divine energy enters the Reiki practitioner through the crown chakra which is located on the top of the head, then flows through the practitioner and out through the palms of the hands. The practitioner doesn’t contribute or generate any energy on her own. Instead, she acts as a vessel through which Reiki can flow to its designated target.

Reiki is an intelligent energy with a mind of its own and it goes exactly where it’s needed. It can travel over great distances across the world or small bounds across the room. It can even go into the past or future to help heal previous trauma or pave the way for tomorrow’s endeavors.
Reiki is also smart enough to know how much energy is needed. It’s impossible to overdose on energy or otherwise cause harm. Think of Reiki for dogs as a natural supplement … kind of like daily vitamins packed with nutrients.

Supplement, Not Replacement

Many report positive effects in general health and disposition for their pet with the use of Reiki. Others have stories that offer hope for reduction in chronic pain, even reversal and remission of severe medical issues. However, Reiki’s application and outcomes are not a replacement for routine veterinary care, or a reason to disregard needed medicine or medical procedures. It offers a non-invasive assistance that serves as one line of loving defense for your pet, but don’t source all hope in one practice: even in healing sessions for ailing animals, teachers explain that it may only ease an inevitable passing.

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Animal Healing

Time heals all wounds: Reiki does not. Bearing the concepts and cautions in mind, you might find Reiki for pets something you’d like to explore further. Approach it seriously, have fun along the way, and you might find your pet enjoying a serene, healthier lifestyle.

Will Your Pet Like Reiki?

Good question … maybe you’ve seen Reiki on humans, where a healer’s hands hover over the person but don’t actually touch them. This might seem fascinating, but hands-hovering and hands-on Reiki are both acceptable forms. It may depend on the animal. You may have a new animal who is timid and fearful of touch, or you might be helping a shelter/rescue dog: hands-hovering may be the best way to start. If it’s an animal who obviously loves touch, the light hands-on application is welcome.

Many animals have experienced abuse or neglect, or are feral/wild animals who do not trust human touch. Touch is not necessary for animals to connect. To honor the sensitivities and preferences of animals, the best way to incorporate touch into a Reiki session is to allow animals to approach us, and signaling they are comfortable with resting our hands gently on the parts of their bodies they present to us while holding a non-judgmental space of acceptance with an open mind and compassionate heart. 

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Please keep in mind Reiki is energy transfer to the willing

It’s traditionally something offered, not forced, on the recipient, so even with dogs there should be an invitation, then administration as they’re receptive and accepting. Often animals will tell us if they feel like being touched or held with non-verbal cues. Respecting their non-verbal communication is key in relieving their emotional distress as well as preventing it. 

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What to Expect In a Typical Reiki Session

A Reiki session for humans involves a comfy massage table to lay on. The practitioner lays her hands on different areas of the subject’s body and sessions usually last about an hour. At the end of a session, the practitioner performs a sweeping motion around the subject. This smooths out the energy. It channels all excess energy out the window, door, or otherwise out of the room and back into the universe.

A session of Reiki for dogs is a bit different. Most dogs aren’t usually willing to hopping up on a table and lie still on their back for an hour. They may also prefer to receive Reiki from a distance rather than have the practitioner touch them.

A good way to start is for the practitioner to sit on the floor with the animal in a private area. For example with domesticated pets such as dogs a private room is perfect. Invite the dog to share in the Reiki session if the dog so desires. It’s also helpful to let dogs know they can take as much or as little Reiki as they wish. This lets them know they have a choice about how much Reiki they receive. If the dog approaches the practitioner and appears okay with their touch, the practitioner can place her hands in a series of positions that are comforting to the dog.

There is no need to set a timer in order to complete a session. Dogs aren’t bashful. They will get up and leave when they’ve taken in the amount of energy they need. 

Hopefully we have done a good job of answering the question “What is Reiki?”. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Efficacy of Reiki in Animals

The effectiveness of reiki is up to its receiver. If an animal is open to the process of Reiki, their ability to find peacefulness and expel nervous or negative energy will be exceptionally higher. Many pet owners and holistic veterinarians report seeing results in their pet’s general temperament in as little as one to two weeks, with the sessions occurring at least 2-3 times a week. Often, holistic methods are more effective when combined with other methods, such as nutritional supplementation, proper diet, frequent exercise, and discussion with a trusted veterinarian.


We offer Reiki healing sessions to bring deeper healing to our furry friends. Multiple sessions are highly recommended to see proper results, which is why we offer a free Reiki session when you book 3 or more.

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