Our Reiki Services

Reiki helps our pets heal from illness, stress, anxiety and other afflictions from life experiences.

Price List

  • Private Session $65

    Private Session up to 45 minutes

  • Long Distance Session $55

    Long Distance Session up to 45 minutes

  • Full Moon Monthly Reiki Circle $20

    Full Moon Reiki Circle Monthly Membership Virtual Session up to 45 minutes - $20.00 per pet $10 per any additional pet living in same household

  • Bond With Your Pet $85

    Bond with your pet up to 45 minutes

  • Additional Healing Modalities $15

    Additional Healing Modalities - $15.00 for each modality of crystal healing, sound bowl healing and/or aromatherapy.

* All prices are final

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Private Session

One of our more popular reiki services, the One on One session with your pet in a quiet private room of their choice. Your pet will receive reiki healing for up to 45 minutes. The timeframe will be determined by each animal. Each animal understands the physical need & time allocated to their healing session. They will essentially guide their own healing process.

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Long Distance Session

Reiki is an intelligent energy, a life force free of physical limitations as well as what we perceive as time constraints. Intentionally sent by the attuned practitioner, Reiki is just as powerful & healing whether your pet is physically present or a world away. If you feel comfortable I welcome a picture of your pet for this choice of healing.

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Monthly Full Moon Reiki Circle

Nestled deep within your dog’s soul is the remembrance of running through the wild, his team at his side, stopping at a clearing gaze, their eyes upwards towards a brilliant full moon, feeling that deep intrinsic urge to release & spiritually cleanse by howling at the moon, releasing from their strongest chakra, their throat chakra. Togetherness, strength, & the kind of purifying vibration that only nature provides resounds deep in the essence of each animal. Since then, we have welcome our animals into our homes, but even more so into our hearts. Now, while we may not have the opportunity to trek out into the forest every full moon with our furry animals, here with Howling OM Pack Circle, each full moon your pet can energetically connect, release, & heal. Reiki knows no limitations of distance. 

Give your loved one the gift of a monthly energetic & spiritual releasing & healing with our pack, the Howling OM pack. And, make no mistake, YOU too are part of your animals pack. Your balance is their balance. Your healing, heals them too. Your releasing of last week’s work drama is their releasing. Our animals take on and hold our energy as gifts to us, that’s why we feel so good when they are around. So if it resonates with you, we invite you to join in & receive this monthly Reiki healing & in the process help you & your pet create a profound bonding experience!

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Monthly Full Moon Reiki Circle; Virtual Session Available

Session consists of a minimum of 2 pets to a maximum of 10 pets where reiki is conducted on each pet for a sequence of time up to 45 minutes by the reiki master(s). The circle will be held at the Zen garden, along with meditation music, incense & a sound bowl to begin & end the session in order to provide relaxation for all pets. Collective consciousness is powerful, therefore when multiple people direct their energies toward one focus or goal the energy is amplified and the results are astonishing. If you are not able to physically attend do not HOWL! You are invited to participate virtually over zoom.

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Bond With Your Pet

A one on one private session with you and your pet in a quiet comfortable area. You and your pet will receive reiki healing for up to 45 minutes. The timeframe will be determined by each animal. Each animal understands the physical need & time duration needed for each session. This will allow for the alignment of you and your pet harmonizing both energies. This session is quite different because joining your pet for reiki healing allows the channeling of energy between each other therefore harmonizing energy to and from one another creating a connection on an energetic & spiritual level.

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Aromatherapy can help your animal with many emotional and physical issues. Aromatherapy affects chemical changes in the brain, which then causes physical and psychological changes in the body. Essential Oils support the whole body in an effort to heal the problem and restore the body to health, instead of simply treating or masking symptoms. I will always invite the animal to be an active participant in his/her own healing. I do this by presenting a pre-selected group of Essential Oils, then allowing the animal to choose the oils he/she knows it needs. You will be surprised at how aligned they are with their healing process.

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Sound Bowl Healing

Sound helps align our frequencies to which the universe responds. Every animal, plant & even emotion has a frequency. The sounds emitted by ancient sound bowls transfers a harmonizing wave length to the correlating chakras of the body recalibrating & aligning the energy centers into balance.

Still Have Questions?

I can help answer any questions you may have about our pet & animal Reiki services.

Free Pet Reiki Circles
Sunday at 5:00 pm First Dog Reiki Circle of 2023!!! Located at the zen garden. Message me for location 🙏🏼🐶