Howling OM

About Me

Hi, I’m Tatiana! Energy healer, animal activist, & Chelada enthusiast. My journey with animals starts way back, further than I can remember. My parents used to show me pictures of me holding my first dog, meeting my first mouse in our New York apartment, sleeping with a cat and captured in those moments, it was apparent: My future would first & foremost be amongst the most pure creatures of this planet, the animals.

In 2007 I earned my bachelor’s degree in accounting and in 2010 my M.B.A., but despite those two wonderful accomplishments, my heart & soul just kept bringing me back to the age of 13 when I was exposed to horses on a ranch in Arizona. From then, I’ve had varying degrees of professional & volunteer experiences ranging from veterinarian technician to working with non-profits to assist underprivileged families with their pets, fostering for animal rescues, advocating for spaying & neutering as well as logging many hours at the animal shelter.

Continuing to follow my soul’s purpose, in 2013, I took a leap of faith & opened my own business, Your Paws R My Paws Pet Sitting Retreat, to offer safe and affordable dog walking, doggy daycare & pet boarding to the Miami area. My most recent endeavor, the one that has probably been the most profound, is combining my spiritual gifts and my love for animals. I’ve always had a sixth sense … a knowing, if you will, when it comes to animals. I would describe it as a clear channel of communication. Thankful that my soul chose a time in which I can be open about my spiritual gifts, I decided to become more skilled with my abilities and enrolled in and completed several energy healing development workshops, as well as receiving my Levels 1 & 2 Attunements in 2019.

Reiki Master

After taking time to practice & hone my new skill set, I decided to delve further into my craft and train under a very well-known, regarded horse trainer & healer Anna Twinney. It was under her care & supervision I furthered my abilities with animal healing and obtained my Reiki Master Attunement. Now that you know a little bit about me, I look forward to getting to know you and your pet!

What Reiki Healing means to me

  • Opening my heart to animals, providing a safe space, offering unconditional support

  • Support the self-healing process through peaceful, positive & compassionate presence
  • Be a voice of kindness for all animals around the world

Please keep in mind Reiki is energy transfer to the willing

To listen to the wisdom of animals and be present in an empathic space.

An understanding & respect for all species

To manage health challenges with kindness

To walk along side with animals and the people who love them, partaking in their journey with peace, love and understanding, even in our most difficult times.

Through my Reiki Journey with Animals

Through Animal Reiki I have learned so much about myself and about the emotional, intuitive and energetic intelligence animals possess. It has completely transformed the way I look and relate to the animal kingdom. I have learned to trust each animal by empowering them to guide the healing process, and how Reiki connects people with animals on a much deeper level. I believe when we are present for animals in this way, allowing them to be leaders and teachers, they are so natural, intuitive and sensitive that they can feel it, are drawn to us and want to share and support us.
Animals have taught me we are all from the same source (Reiki = “source energy”) Remaining conscious we are all part of the same world, universe & energy therefore everything I do affects everyone. The more we realize how connected we are, the more our thoughts, words and actions will align with empathy and kindness.
In conclusion, I have come to learn animals are wonderful teachers. They have taught me patience, acceptance, grieving, how to live in present moment, releasing & forgiveness reaching a more balanced and harmonious life.

Free Pet Reiki Circles
Sunday at 5:00 pm First Dog Reiki Circle of 2023!!! Located at the zen garden. Message me for location 🙏🏼🐶